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Nomad Package

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This is the hammered dulcimer for someone who really wants to dive in. Two octaves and several keys will keep you busy learning all the tricks and nuances of the instrument. Good for a beginner musician or someone who knows they want to go all the way with the hammered dulcimer, because this is built to last. 

The Nomad is a 16/15 dulcimer, meaning there are 16 courses of strings on the middle bridge and 15 courses on the right bass bridge. This gives you two and a half octaves in several keys. This instrument is tuned diatonically and is great for beautiful modal tunes and more complicated songs. 

For the beginner, tuning is the most daunting obstacle, not really difficult, but at first it seems so. If the dulcimer is out of tune, it is unpleasant to play, and if tuning it seems like a big project, one sometimes gives up, and just doesn’t play. Our theory is that a dulcimer that is in tune gets played more, and the player makes much faster progress. Learn to play first, and tuning will become easier with time. 

Finished off with a TLV medallion for the sound hole cover. 

This package comes with everything you need to start playing! 

  • Nomad - TLV Dulcimer
  • Cloth Case -  Keeps your instrument safe while on the move or hiding under your bed. 
  • Wooden Stand - Standing style scissor stand, the child size doubles as a very short sitting stand.
  • Double Faced Hammers - For playing! 
  • Tuning Wrench - To be used in conjunction with a chromatic tuning phone app such as ClearTune to regularly tune your instrument. 
  • How to Play Book - Mel Bay’s You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer is a fantastic resource to get started! 

Specific Stats: 

The top and back are of a high tech laminated material called Baltic Birch made in Russia. It is 7 thin plys of solid Birch with almost no voids, and is ultra durable and stiff. There are few other panels in the world that would work under the tremendous string tension of a hammered dulcimer, and most of them are unreasonably priced.

Since the material is so solid, it makes this dulcimer stay in tune reliably.

Natural finish on the top. Nomad is 42″ long, 19″ wide and weighs about 17 pounds.

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