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Traveler Package

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This instrument is perfect for beginners or traveling musicians. You can carry it with you to play in the park, on a picnic or cozied up in your room!  It is a little over three feet wide, a foot tall and weighs about 12 pounds. 

Traveler is a 13/12 dulcimer, meaning there are 13 courses of strings on the middle bridge and 12 courses on the right bass bridge. This gives you one and a half octaves in several keys. This instrument is tuned diatonically and is great for beautiful modal tunes. 

If you are thinking of getting an instrument for a child, (3+ advised) this is the one. Start the little one off with an instrument they can grow into. The motion of striking a surface with a stick (think pots and pans) is natural and why not make music out of it! The tuning of this instrument allows for more melodious bashing than most. The laminated Birch top is very sturdy and durable, just don’t stand on it? 

Finished off with a TLV medallion for the sound hole cover. (not shown in photos with red curtain, that was an earlier version.)

This kit comes with everything you need to start playing! 

  • Traveler style TLV Dulcimer
  • Cloth Case -  Keeps your instrument safe while on the move or hiding under your bed. 
  • Wooden Stand - Standing style scissor stand, the child size doubles as a very short sitting stand.
  • Double Faced Hammers - For playing! 
  • Tuning Wrench - To be used in conjunction with a chromatic tuning phone app such as ClearTune to regularly tune your instrument. 
  • How to Play Book - Mel Bay’s You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer is a fantastic resource to get started! 

Specific Stats: 

Traveler is made out of the laminated Birch, the rails are Cherry, the pin blocks are Hard Maple, and the bridges are Walnut. The Traveler is 38 inches long, 15 3/4 inches wide, and will weigh about 12 pounds. 

Ships via FedEx! 

⭐Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and shipping! ⭐